If this is armageddon, then who the hell are you?

May 21, 2010

Welcome to my annual post! 😀

I want to ramble a bit about random stuff I have been doing. Like for example a tiny pixels megaman fangame (I figured since everybody is doing it and a certain someone dared me too…), but with a darker and twisted theme.

Oh, and how about a sidescrolling horror adventure? It would be a fun thing to do as a collaboration. Could meet ugly hellspawn like the following… Read the rest of this entry »


Santa’s best friend?

December 29, 2009

Christmas is over already and I hope you all had a good one. In case you missed it, there’s a special Christmas greeting from me in the current video episode of klikcast over at The Daily Click. Slasher Boy really has been a bad boy this year…

Santa's best friend?

More importantly (and I know it’s old news but I didn’t even mention it here yet) my game Slasher Boy Halloween Demo did win the TDC Halloween Competition 2009. Yay! Read the rest of this entry »

Half a year of silence…

May 27, 2008

…is finally over, since I remembered that I had a blog somewhere out there in the cyberspace. I guess I just never was the guy posting that much about random stuff. But now there are things to share about some of my projects.

Firstly, I’m working on a small Jump’n’Run titled Living Life Afraid and I’m using Scirra’s great development software Construct. This amazing tool is improving so much with every build and outperforms any Clickteam software already on so many levels (and of course it’s free!).

Early screen of Living Life Afraid

It’s supposed to be a small 3 level game about the nightmarish journey of a little girl. The basics of the engine are already done. You can download a little preview version here. At the moment I’m trying some things with the AI, but I may end up with some very simple solution, because I usually suck at that kind of stuff.

And secondly let me mention that Alien Trophy Hunter isn’t dead. I’ve already done some minor tryouts in Construct and I’m going to pick up on the game after I finished my current project. If that ever happens…

A new home

October 17, 2007

After quite some break I decided to come up with another Pixel Rebirth site. This is the first time I’m using some blog, since I think blogs are pretty useless, hehe.

But I have my own now and will use it to post some more random stuff, mostly in some sort pixel/game related, but not necessarily. Also if there will ever be any info to share about my own projects this will be the right place to look.

So far folks…