How many times can you click Obama’s head?

February 7, 2009

Well I guess you always asked yourself that very same question. Now you can find out!

Click Obama for freedom!

I did a little app in Construct as an example on how to use a flatfile for an online highscore to be shown ingame. It’s really pointless, but can you withstand the urge to have the #1 highscore? You probably can, okay.

Download it!

Unfortunately I had to scrap all the old stuff I did on Living Life Afraid and restart from scratch. I was messing up my whole cap (file format of Construct in case you didn’t know)and the game would have significant slowdowns. Blame my limited Construct knowledge and lack of event organization. But that’s all better now. Too bad I’m at least one month behind schedule now.

While you are waiting you can always click Obama’s head LOL.