The Dump

This is the page for random stuff I did. Not necessarily games, but game-related in one way or the other for the most part. Like tutorials or examples of some sort.

PerlinScape – Creating random fake 3D terrain in Construct

There’s the awesome perlin noise plugin for Construct and I just had to toy around with it. This is what I ultimately came up with.  The source is included, although left in its unpolished state without any comments.

Dowload PerlinScape

Platformer Camera Tutorial
Platformer Camera Tutorial

A little Construct tutorial I made to demonstrate a way of adding smooth scrolling to a platformer game. Although I realize there are a few flaws in it and since there is Advanced Camera plugin these days, it’s pretty much obsolete. Here’s the link anyway to the page on Construct Corner: Click here

Click Obama

Click Obama for freedom!

I wanted to see if I was able to create a simple online highscore system in Construct.  I succeeded and the not so brilliant game of “Click Obama” is my proof. Spectacular stuff indeed which you can check out here.

Poison Pit

Poison Pit

Pixel Rebirth and 3D don’t go along very well one should think. But back in the day, when I used to be a clan player (LOL), I created this small arena style map for the once popular game WOLFENSTEIN: Enemy Territory. Not many people play it anymore, still here’s the map.

More stuff to be added to the dump soon…


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