I’m a glorious trainwreck!

January 16, 2011

This saturday a friend of mine bugged me to join a get-together on IRC, where games are supposed to be made in only 2 hours. No strings attached.  I’m talking about nothing less than the
Klik of the month Klub (#34) over at glorioustrainwrecks.com.

If you wonder how this turned out, why don’t you check out NightPimmel, my contribution to the event.

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The sky is the limit

December 23, 2010

I’ve actually been a bit more busy than usual this december and worked on a little puzzle platformer as a side-project. Just in time for Christmas, I have a first public beta ready. It’s called Sky/Limit and you can check it out now on Game Jolt.

Sky/Limit on Game Jolt

Sky/Limit thread on the Scirra forum

Generic Indie Exploration Platformer

December 3, 2010

The last few months were pretty much an affair of doing tiny little things on various projects, seemingly leading nowhere. That period might just be over now, as I have settled on a serious project to work on. The headline of this post says it all.

So this game is called GIEP! You’re playing as a little boy who is lost in a strange land and has to explore this unknown world in order to get home to his grandparents.You’ll have to learn a lot on your way. Like how to double-jump and how to use a rifle. Otherwise you will end up as prey for the wild creatures roaming the land or get killed by a vicious trap.

While I do have created a very rough version of the engine, I’m at the moment in the process of making a level editor. This is the first time I’m actually bothering to do so, because for the scope of this project it would be more of a chore to put everything together directly in the layout editor of Construct. That’s according to me at least.

I’m pretty confident you’ll be seeing more of GIEP soon. Wish me luck!

Katamuri is a samurai ninja!

November 28, 2008

The game is coming along quite nicely. Improvements have been made on many aspects and I have a new little screenie for you to look at:

Living Life Afraid shot4

Unfortunately I decided not to release another public beta right now. The public beta which should be ready some day in  Jan 2009 will feature a complete level though and will be the last public release before the game is done (remember it will have only 3 levels).
Also I want to wait for a bug to be fixed in Construct that prevents me at the moment from having a proper HUD.

I don’t want to promise a release date for Living Life Afraid, but I guess it’s safe to say we’re looking at Q1 2009.

Half a year of silence…

May 27, 2008

…is finally over, since I remembered that I had a blog somewhere out there in the cyberspace. I guess I just never was the guy posting that much about random stuff. But now there are things to share about some of my projects.

Firstly, I’m working on a small Jump’n’Run titled Living Life Afraid and I’m using Scirra’s great development software Construct. This amazing tool is improving so much with every build and outperforms any Clickteam software already on so many levels (and of course it’s free!).

Early screen of Living Life Afraid

It’s supposed to be a small 3 level game about the nightmarish journey of a little girl. The basics of the engine are already done. You can download a little preview version here. At the moment I’m trying some things with the AI, but I may end up with some very simple solution, because I usually suck at that kind of stuff.

And secondly let me mention that Alien Trophy Hunter isn’t dead. I’ve already done some minor tryouts in Construct and I’m going to pick up on the game after I finished my current project. If that ever happens…

Time to construct?

October 29, 2007

I’ve heard about the authoring software Construct some weeks ago, but I didn’t care to check out the public beta back then. Recently it came back to my mind and I went to scirra.com to download the newest build version 0.81, which is supposed to be stable enough for some serious messing around.

And my first impressions are quite positive. The similarities to Clickteam’s Multimedia Fusion are obvious and that shouldn’t surprise you, since Construct is meant to be a real alternative to the famous clicktool.

So I was pretty fast in adding a player controlled sprite (with the build-in platform engine) and some blocks to walk on. Unfortunately I had to export an exe everytime I wanted to test my creation, because clicking on the run-button didn’t do anything for me. Apart from that I was quite surprised how well it worked, if only I could get the animations right already. I guess it just needs further tryouts to figure everything out. Sadly there’s no real documentation or help file for Construct yet.

Considering that it is a completely free open-source project and has some advanced features like pixel shader support, Construct could really become serious competition. Multimedia Fusion 2 is a solid application, but it isn’t the big deal people expected it to be when it was released last year. And, of course, MMF is still sold at about 100 bucks.

What else? Why don’t you go ahead and download the beta yourself.