It’s alive!

August 2, 2009

Well, with a new major Construct release (0.99.42 stable that is!) I had a feeling that it was the right time to wake up and be a little more active again. Here I give you the teaser screenshot of my newest project called Evermoving:

Evermoving by Pixel Rebirth

A bit more info on this one and my other projects can be found from now on in the brand-new Games section. I also added a site titled The Dump, where I put some random stuff of mine.

So hopefully I will grace you soon with more news to share on all the important things.


How many times can you click Obama’s head?

February 7, 2009

Well I guess you always asked yourself that very same question. Now you can find out!

Click Obama for freedom!

I did a little app in Construct as an example on how to use a flatfile for an online highscore to be shown ingame. It’s really pointless, but can you withstand the urge to have the #1 highscore? You probably can, okay.

Download it!

Unfortunately I had to scrap all the old stuff I did on Living Life Afraid and restart from scratch. I was messing up my whole cap (file format of Construct in case you didn’t know)and the game would have significant slowdowns. Blame my limited Construct knowledge and lack of event organization. But that’s all better now. Too bad I’m at least one month behind schedule now.

While you are waiting you can always click Obama’s head LOL.

Slow progress

October 16, 2008

My game is taking little steps again. I dropped some gameplay ideas which I thought were pretty unique, but really lead nowhere and basically stopped me from progressing. The inability of newer versions of Construct to open my most recent project files properly didn’t help much as well. But who am I fooling… I was playing too many games lately, instead of doing something creative. Shame on me.

So here I have a new screenshot which can be pretty good compared to the one in the last post. Doesn’t look like too much for the passed time, but the whole thing feels much more like a real game now. Hey, after all there are enemies (yeah, not on the shot haha). I will prove this with a new downloadable test version soon.


November 8, 2007

Need to kill some time? Then you may check out Final Vision by Silvernova and Zenek Zombie by Maciej Lamberski. Both are rather short platformers with simple pixel graphics. And both have some RPG/Adventure-elements to spice up the gameplay… and yeah, both are actually fun to play.

Final Vision is inspired by Final Fantasy and comes with different classes to play. Various weapons and other items can be bought and there are some characters to talk to. Still, it’s basically “just” a small jump’n’run game. But one you should give a try as a retro fan without any doubt.

Zenek ZombieSame is true for Zenek Zombie. This game deals with a more original scenario about (who would have guessed?) zombies. You don’t kill them, you are one yourself. In order to save your wife (although Zenek doesn’t even seem to like his wife :>) you collect diamonds, solve small quests and increase your magic power.

Both games are made with Multimedia Fusion and are therefore listed on the popular click community site The Daily Click. Here you have the links:

Final Vision

Zenek Zombie

Time to construct?

October 29, 2007

I’ve heard about the authoring software Construct some weeks ago, but I didn’t care to check out the public beta back then. Recently it came back to my mind and I went to to download the newest build version 0.81, which is supposed to be stable enough for some serious messing around.

And my first impressions are quite positive. The similarities to Clickteam’s Multimedia Fusion are obvious and that shouldn’t surprise you, since Construct is meant to be a real alternative to the famous clicktool.

So I was pretty fast in adding a player controlled sprite (with the build-in platform engine) and some blocks to walk on. Unfortunately I had to export an exe everytime I wanted to test my creation, because clicking on the run-button didn’t do anything for me. Apart from that I was quite surprised how well it worked, if only I could get the animations right already. I guess it just needs further tryouts to figure everything out. Sadly there’s no real documentation or help file for Construct yet.

Considering that it is a completely free open-source project and has some advanced features like pixel shader support, Construct could really become serious competition. Multimedia Fusion 2 is a solid application, but it isn’t the big deal people expected it to be when it was released last year. And, of course, MMF is still sold at about 100 bucks.

What else? Why don’t you go ahead and download the beta yourself.