Santa’s best friend?

Christmas is over already and I hope you all had a good one. In case you missed it, there’s a special Christmas greeting from me in the current video episode of klikcast over at The Daily Click. Slasher Boy really has been a bad boy this year…

Santa's best friend?

More importantly (and I know it’s old news but I didn’t even mention it here yet) my game Slasher Boy Halloween Demo did win the TDC Halloween Competition 2009. Yay!You still haven’t played this top-ranking game? Shame on you: Go here.

You should still be expecting an updated version of the Slasher Boy Demo some time soonish. It’ll include at least one more stage, additional enemies and a freakin’ special attack. Time to get excited. ;=)

If anything else fails, I’m stuck with wishing you a happy new year. Don’t blow up too much money while you’re celebrating. See you all in 2010!


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