Here you’ll find a bit of info on my game projects, some of which you can even download and play. If not stated differently, they’re all being developed using Scirra’s great Construct software.


A platformer with puzzle elements that deals with a doll that drops dynamite in order to get to the precious stars. The basic engine is done and a Beta version available from Game Jolt. There’s a campaign/story mode planned, right now there aren’t many levels. However a level editor is already included in the game.

Download Sky/Limit Beta

Slasher Boy

A retro platformer originally created for the Halloween competition 2009 on The Daily Click. As it turned out the game even won the competition and received some fair praise. And criticism as well, since it’s far from being a flawless effort. Taking my usual workflow into account I’m still a little proud that I managed to pull it off in just one month.

But I had to realize that Slasher Boy deserved some more love from me. So I will be redoing it from scratch. At this point not much has been created apart from some sprite and tilework. It will be basically the same game gameplay-wise, but refined where necessary. New screenshots should be just around the corner. Hopefully.

Download Slasher Boy Halloween Demo

Living Life Afraid

Living Life Afraid teaser shot
A rather small retro-style Jump’n’Run game about the nightmarish journey of a little girl. This has been my first serious project in Construct and was started over from scratch several times already. At the moment the fate of this project is uncertain.

Watch a Living Life Afraid video on YouTube


A bit of a NightSky spoof made in a few hours for the Klik Of The Month Club #43 over at If you can’t take a joke, don’t try this!

Download NightPimmel


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