November 8, 2007

Need to kill some time? Then you may check out Final Vision by Silvernova and Zenek Zombie by Maciej Lamberski. Both are rather short platformers with simple pixel graphics. And both have some RPG/Adventure-elements to spice up the gameplay… and yeah, both are actually fun to play.

Final Vision is inspired by Final Fantasy and comes with different classes to play. Various weapons and other items can be bought and there are some characters to talk to. Still, it’s basically “just” a small jump’n’run game. But one you should give a try as a retro fan without any doubt.

Zenek ZombieSame is true for Zenek Zombie. This game deals with a more original scenario about (who would have guessed?) zombies. You don’t kill them, you are one yourself. In order to save your wife (although Zenek doesn’t even seem to like his wife :>) you collect diamonds, solve small quests and increase your magic power.

Both games are made with Multimedia Fusion and are therefore listed on the popular click community site The Daily Click. Here you have the links:

Final Vision

Zenek Zombie