Half a year of silence…

May 27, 2008

…is finally over, since I remembered that I had a blog somewhere out there in the cyberspace. I guess I just never was the guy posting that much about random stuff. But now there are things to share about some of my projects.

Firstly, I’m working on a small Jump’n’Run titled Living Life Afraid and I’m using Scirra’s great development software Construct. This amazing tool is improving so much with every build and outperforms any Clickteam software already on so many levels (and of course it’s free!).

Early screen of Living Life Afraid

It’s supposed to be a small 3 level game about the nightmarish journey of a little girl. The basics of the engine are already done. You can download a little preview version here. At the moment I’m trying some things with the AI, but I may end up with some very simple solution, because I usually suck at that kind of stuff.

And secondly let me mention that Alien Trophy Hunter isn’t dead. I’ve already done some minor tryouts in Construct and I’m going to pick up on the game after I finished my current project. If that ever happens…