I’m just a random german guy who grew up playing NES and never forgot about the magic of those pixel games. Now I’m trying to create computer games in the spirit of the 8 and 16bit console era. It has been my hobby for some years now.

I started originally using 3D GAME CREATION SYSTEM, which was designed to build games like Wolfenstein. From what I remember it wasn’t very intuitive to use and I hardly achieved anything with this software. Granted I was pretty young und unexperienced back then.
A little later I got my hands on 3D GAME STUDIO (Acknex 3) with much better capabilities and an engine roughly compareable to DOOM, maybe even DUKE3D in some parts.

But my attempts at 2,5D game creation should find an end when I joined a Jump’n’Run project which was being developed with Clickteam’s Multimedia Fusion (1.2). I only provided graphics for that project, but I got in contact for the first time with a clicktool and bought MMF myself.

Since 2008 I have a new powerful tool at my service: Scirra’s Construct. I would describe it as the successor to Multimedia Fusion, although it’s still in beta.


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