Summer is silly

And summer is hot. Lately it has been too hot to spend too much time in front of the computer. And as everybody knows: outdoors activities are boring.

So right in this unfortunate time there was the GameJolt demake competition. I didn’t really hate the theme, so I tried to prepare an entry. Of course I ultimately failed.

But for a lack of other things to show let me just share some impressions from INSOMNIA DRACULA, what was supposed to be a Hasslevania demake (more screens after the break).

Insomnia Dracula (Hasslevania Demake)

Insomnia Dracula (Hasslevania Demake)

Insomnia Dracula (Hasslevania Demake)

Insomnia Dracula (Hasslevania Demake)

And in case you don’t know what Hasslevania is supposed to be: it’s a very cool Castlevania homage/spoof kind of game made by Del Duio / DXF Games. It’s worth checking out!


3 Responses to Summer is silly

  1. Del_Duio says:

    WOW! Dude, these screens are awesome, did you really make a game like this or are these just mock up screens?

    Great job man!

  2. Del_Duio says:

    Hey man, just saying that I saw this yesterday for the first time and it looks awesome! I left a post but it didn’t work XD.

    Anyhow even though you didn’t finish it, is this a playable game at all because I’d love to give it a crack. Thanks!

  3. madosi says:

    Hehe, funny that you found this little post! It’s indeed playable. It’s just very short, nothing happens at the end and it lacks all kinds of polish. But I’ll drop you an email soon with a download link.

    Comments have to be approved, which is why it didnt show at first btw. Maybe I should change that.

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