Okay, remember in my first entry on this blog I said I would post random stuff. And this is the first about a movie, a documentary to be more specific.

The film is called “Zeitgeist” and I guess many of you may have already heard of or even seen it, since it appears to be quite popular around the internet. But I’ve just recently learned about this documentary and watched it.

And what can I say… I guess you have to see it for yourself (in case you didn’t already do so), because “Zeitgeist” deals with some pretty important issues about what’s going on in the world, what really happened on 9/11 and who are the men behind the curtain.

So is this conspiracy bullshit? Well, I won’t incriminate you with my very own opinion on this. But I really really do think that this is an essential viewing. At least if you’re considering yourself a caring and intelligent human being.

The best part is that this movie is completely free. You can go ahead and watch the streaming version using this link or you just let your favorite P2P tool do the work.


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