You might want to play this!

Yesterday I was surfing the web comparing Dark Basic, Pure Basic and Blitz Basic in order to find an (not too hard to learn) alternative to the authoring software Multimedia Fusion. I also checked some showcase examples on different community sites when I stumbled on the FPS game TECNO the base made by Paolo Cosentino with Blitz3D.

TECNO the base

The screenshots looked promising, so I downloaded the demo. And boy, this is great stuff… of course it doesn’t have state of the art graphics, but the game creates an atmosphere which many commercial games lack. Being developed since 2002 a lot of work went into this creation. And it shows for sure. So if you have any taste in good games you should definitely check this out, although it’s not a 2D pixel game.

Get more info and the demo at the official site. The full version is sold at a still reasonable price of 19.99$.


One Response to You might want to play this!

  1. wesker says:

    oh..yes i know bro !!…..its great…i never tought that blitz3d could do something like tecno…
    in other hand darkbasic pro dont have a game like this..mmmm..interesting….mmmm….

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